Grade 5 – Exhibition – Student Teachers

During their Exhibition unit, grade 5 students will work in pairs to plan and teach a PE lesson to younger classes.

Grade 5 are currently working towards individual Exhibition projects under the central idea, “Ideas reveal possibilities.” Some of the ideas that students are focusing on are: Buddhism, Fashion design, becoming a pilot, animal protection, graffiti, orphanages, professional sports careers…the list continues reflecting the student’s personal interests. As the Exhibition is an event that requires a lot of time and commitment from the students, I decided to change the PE unit so they would have more time in the classroom. Once a week, we will get together as an entire Grade 5 group and enjoy a sports session, so that students can still release some energy. We will simply set up a number of different sports each week that students can enjoy playing together.

Another initiative I wanted to introduce into the unit is designed to try and help the students take on greater leadership roles. I am asking the students to work in pairs and teach a class for me while I am there with them. As I will be in their classroom more, I will plan with the students starting with their ideas and what sports/games they think they would like to teach, We will plan their lessons, year level to teach and discuss all the equipment, timing and logistics of teaching a PE lesson which will hopefully help them during this Exhibition to discover some new planning and organization skills. Also, there’s no doubt that the students will enjoy themselves and thrive on their “teacher” status. In my experience when students are given opportunity to become leaders they generally embrace the opportunity and I often learn something new about them in return.

The videos below are some of the sessions that were taught in the first week of Grade 5 Student-Teacher sessions.